Top 7 pollutants of the organic food industry

Just when you thought it was safe to eat any food labeled “certified organic,” drink any brand of bottled water off the shelf, and take daily supplements you bought at the local pharmacy – think again. Over the past decade, insidious corporations in America have infiltrated the clean food movement, knowing it’s now a $20 billion dollar industry, and fully understanding that healthy, intelligent people don’t fall for the ultimate scams of prescription medications, GMO-laced foods, or chemotherapy.

The result? If you’re not dying of cancer, dementia, diabetes or heart disease, it’s because you’re a smart shopper, who knows that some products and brands that sport the label “organic” aren’t safe for consumption at all, but quite the opposite. Know this: The USDA, FDA (toxic food and drug advocates), CDC, EPA – they are NOT on our side. Those regulatory agencies are in bed with Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), Merck, Dupont, Dow, Pfizer, Syngenta, and the rest of the food and medicine destroyers of our time. It’s all one big business that thrives off Americans getting sick, staying sick, and dying slowly and expensively.

If you don’t want to be a dirty “human” filter suffering from vital organ malfunction and mutated cell frenzy (cancer), then it’s time to become privy to the real clean food movement, and that includes water, natural medicine, and supplements too.

Take an inside look at the top 7 contaminants that infiltrate the organic food and supplements industries, so you know what to avoid

#1. MSG (monosodium glutamate) – There are a number of ingredients identified as organic that, organic or not, will contain processed free glutamic acid (MSG); autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, textured soy protein, and anything salts that are hydrolyzed are examples of ingredients that may be made from organic produce, but still contain some form of MSG – we’ll call them cousins of the genetically modified salt monster that’s responsible for horrific migraine headaches and brain damage in infants.

#2. Blood-clogging, dementia-causing canola oil (it’s really just diluted rapeseed oil) – What was deemed “heart healthy” is exactly the opposite. Canola oil, even when organic and expeller pressed, coagulates in the blood and digestive tract, causing health detriment, including dementia.

#3. Cellulose (wood pulp) – From sauces to ice cream to almond “milk” you may find out you’re sucking back some reduced wood pulp from “trees” instead of food, and it’s all deemed “safe for consumption” by the FDA and allowed in organic foods, with no maximum limit, of course. When searching ingredients lists (as you always should), check under “other ingredients.” Cellulose is a cheap filler with no nutritional value, that’s also used in plastics, construction materials, roof coatings and even asphalt.

#4. Rennet – Curdled milk from the stomach lining of a slaughtered, newly born calves – Often contains fungal and bacterial sources and genetically modified micro-organisms that still make it through the “organic certified” process and verification.

#5. Chlorine materials – Thanks to mass confusion about these, including chlorine bleach, dangerous chlorines used to disinfect and sterilize tools, equipment, and hard surfaces, come into direct contact with organic food, crops and livestock.

#6. Ammonium carbonate – (a.k.a. baker’s ammonia or hatshorn) Classified as a hazardous substance by the EPA and the DOT – this white or colorless powder is a respiratory irritant that’s often used as a “food grade” leavening agent for breads and cookies.

#7. Heavy metal toxins – Lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, nickel, copper and tungsten are the top food “criminals” found in many organic foods, especially those imported from China. Heavy metal toxins also invade tap water, children’s medicines, vaccines, flu shots, and the cosmetics industry. Currently, the USDA does NOT test for heavy metal toxins at all in “certified organic” foods. That is an atrocity in itself. The EPA could not care less about people drinking tap water contaminated with lead. Did you read about the massive scandal in Flint, Michigan a couple years back? Children were poisoned to death and the EPA looked the other way, knowing good and well what was going on. Want “organic” water? You better buy a Big Berkey home filtration system so you can filter out all the typical toxins found in tap and bottled water.

Investigating contaminants and synthetics in organic foods

Bottom line: Just because something’s “USDA certified organic” doesn’t mean you should stop reading the label for contaminants. Don’t be a human filter for food toxins. Read more quality information about deciphering between clean foods and supplements versus those that contain contaminants and pesticides. It’s easy, just visit and get the inside scoop from expert food scientist, Health Ranger and Editor of, Mike Adams.

Also check out to cross-check and verify the content of toxic heavy metals that may be lurking in your choices of organic food and supplements. Want the full list of ingredients contaminating organic food, including synthetics? Food Babe Vani Hari has compiled the full list of toxins for us here.

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