Where in the world are your sugar, coffee and soybeans coming from? Hopefully not pesticide-saturated Brazil

Do you or your children suffer from pesticide poisoning? How would you know? The last time your doctor took a blood panel, did he or she review the levels of dioxins found? Humans who fail to filter pesticides out of their daily intake suffer dire health consequences that most allopathic (medical) doctors have no clue how to address, because they know nothing about nutrition, good or bad. In Brazil, the Health Ministry reports that 4,000 pesticide poisoning cases were documented last year alone, and that figure is said to be highly under-representing the real number of cases. And who or what is to blame for this mass poisoning dilemma? – Poor regulations regarding pesticide use.

In America, we don’t regulate the use of toxic pesticides at all, but rather, the biotechnology corporations (a.k.a. the Ag-tech cartel) simply run their own tests, lie, and say that all chemical pesticides are safe for all humans and animals. Brazilians are top producers of sugar, coffee and soybeans compared to the rest of the world, but just like in America, Congress and other political “players” put money first and health last on the priority scale. Independent horticulturalists, scientists and agronomists should regulate pesticide safety and use, not politicians

In Brazil, Human Rights Watch urged regulators to reduce the amounts and frequency of application of highly hazardous pesticides. They are begging them to “learn more” about the harmful effects, but surely regulators know already. In America, politicians and regulators invest their money in Big Food and Big Pharma, gambling that profits there will only increase based on the ignorance of most American consumers who have no idea that most of their health problems are rooted in eating toxic food and then taking toxic medication for those repercussions.

Keep toxic pesticides away from homes, schools and your mouth

The authors of the report on Brazil’s toxic agricultural environment are calling on the country to create, and most importantly enforce, national laws that would keep corporations from spraying chemical bug killer and weed killer around homes and schools, and this would apply to ground-spraying and aerial spraying alike. Currently, cancer and dementia-causing pesticides are sprayed right up to school and community lands and overhead by crop-duster planes, with no regard for human health and safety.

In America, if you eat conventional produce, including fruits, vegetables, and even nuts and grains, you’re consuming toxic pesticides daily, at unmeasured, untested, and unverified amounts. Acute pesticide poisoning is obvious when humans experience vomiting, elevated heart rates, dizziness and extreme headaches. Are you showing signs and symptoms now?

Toxic pesticides drift easily onto lands that are not coated and sprayed, when it rains and that water and other sediment drifts. When the mosquito truck drives through your neighborhood spraying, those dioxins infect your home garden, your grass where your children play and where your pets roam.

When biotechnology firms pay evil scientists to weave bug-killer and weed-killer into the crop DNA, like corn, soy, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges and pineapples, you and your children are eating those poisons. Plus, you can’t even wash off GMOs in your sink at home.

Chemical pesticide types and how they kill plants, animals and humans

Chemical pesticides can be grouped according to the types of “pests” they kill. Larvicides kill larvae, animals and people. Remember the “Zika” virus pandemic hoax? The birth defects surge in babies was linked to larvicides that were sprayed on standing water (like lakes and ponds) from which the human population was drinking directly, including pregnant mothers. Fungicides kill fungi, bees and people. Neonicotinoids kill honey bees by deactivating their immune systems. What do you think they do to humans, because we’re animals too, remember?

Certain food preservatives like sodium benzoate, that kill food mold, mildew, and fungus, are also known to “strangulate” mitochondria (human cells that need oxygen to survive) by dissolving the outer protein layer that protects them.

Bactericides kill bacteria, including the good bacteria in the human gut we all need for immunity. Sounds similar to antibiotics.

Rodenticides don’t just kill rats and mice, but they also kill squirrels, woodchucks, chipmunks, porcupines, beavers, cats, dogs and humans. Yes, we are all mammals and our bodies work in similar ways, despite what corporate biotech science scoundrels claim. All rodenticides are toxic when eaten by humans. Ever heard of strychnine? Some rat poison ingredients are used in blood thinners, like Warfarin. Check it out.

Chemical herbicides, like Roundup (50 percent glyphosate) kill weeds, animals and humans. Glyphosate is an acid molecule and the active ingredient in the world’s most utilized herbicide, called Roundup, that was intentionally created to kill weeds that compete with commercial crops such as corn and soy. The World Health Organization revealed in-depth research exposing Glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic in humans” based on epidemiological studies, animal studies and in vitro studies.

Insecticides, like the BT corn toxin used by Monsanto, dissolves the digestive tract and destroys the reproductive organs of rootworm beetles. It also kills human embryo cells in pregnant women. Oops. Another reason to avoid ALL genetically modified foods.

In Brazil and America, corporations target agricultural pests in order to reap in profits. Meanwhile, they incidentally target the health and lives of humans. Get smart fast, and limit your exposure to chemical pesticides. Don’t touch them, don’t breathe them in, and certainly don’t eat them. Be sure to buy organic sugar, coffee and soybeans, for starters. This has been a public service message from Natural News.

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