The Top 10 Organic MISTAKES – Are you making these?

Eating “right” is no perfect science. We’re all physiologically different and no two farmer’s foods provide the exact same levels of nutrients. Not only is the organic market not free of food “criminals,” but the corporate “thugs” do their best to modify, mutate, and infiltrate the health realm, especially in America, where Big Pharma and Big Food run almost everything, including the government and its regulatory agencies.

There are good reasons the U.S. organic food industry rakes in over $40 billion a year and is slated to surpass $135 billion by 2025. First off, anyone with a brain that’s still functional knows that organic food is free from pesticides that cause dementia and cancer. That’s just a given. Secondly, evil companies and corporations like Monsanto/Bayer, Merck, Dow, Pfizer, Dupont, Syngenta, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, General Mills, and Kellogg’s – they all bank on American consumer ignorance, which leads to buying cheap food, getting sick, and seeking allopathic, chronic sick-care.

So, with all that in mind, these corporate monsters infiltrate the organic industry in different ways, including via the FDA, USDA, EPA, CDC, cancer “cure” organizations and hospitals, organic labeling, and buying medium-to-small-sized organic companies.

Sure, it can be overwhelming trying to eat “healthy,” but what other choice do you really have? Do you want to die of chemotherapy, heart disease, strokes, or dementia before you even reach age 70? Of course not. So it’s time to eliminate some or all of the “crutches” that you have, even though you’re already shopping mostly organic. Let’s take an inside look at the typical ways Big Food still fools “educated” consumers.

Are you making any or all of these dire health mistakes while thinking you’re “doing it right?”

#1. Assuming “USDA Certified Organic” means that product has been tested by the USDA for heavy metal toxins or contamination – when it most certainly has not.

#2. Forgetting to check if your organic food is imported from China, the most industrial-polluted place on Earth that exports many “organic” products to the USA.

#3. Consuming organic canola oil – all canola oil, even expeller pressed organic, coagulates in human blood, increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

#4. Eating and drinking too many organic dairy products, like milk, cheese, and ice cream – these cause excess mucus formation and chronic inflammation in the body.

#5. Eating too much organic gluten (bread and pasta) – clogs the intestinal tract, can lead to polyps, constipation, chronic inflammation (the root source of nearly all sicknesses).

#6. Assuming everything Whole Foods Market sells is organic, when it’s not, especially the blood-clotting canola-oil-ridden prepared food bar.

#7. Thinking “All-Natural,” “Gluten Free” or “Free Range” means the product is organic or automatically of similar quality to organic foods. These labels can be complete lies and these products are often still loaded with processed and genetically modified ingredients.

#8. There are about 35 or more non-organic substances allowed as ingredients in or on products labeled as “organic,” (chlorine materials, phosphoric acid) thanks to the corrupt USDA, including certain chemicals used on organic crops (arsenic, lead salts).

#9. Assuming the label “Non-GMO” means the product is organic. Sure, Non-GMO is a quality, trusted label, but it’s not synonymous with certified organic.

#10. Buying from organic companies that already sold out to Big Food’s evil corporations. That’s where you’ll often find canola oil and cousins of MSG in organic products.

Industrial contamination of farms in China is lethal, even to the organic food industry

There is no valid reason to justify why the USDA does not inspect organic food for heavy metals, including lead, aluminum, mercury, tungsten, cadmium, and arsenic. High levels of these can be extremely toxic to humans, and can accumulate over time. They react with your cellular “machinery” and stick around in your bones, blood and tissues. This can even happen to your pets, so check their food ingredients too.

Most of the “USDA certified organic” food imported from China is contaminated with toxic heavy metals at unconscionable levels, leading consumers of them, over time, right into severe gastrointestinal and nervous system problems that most medical doctors never investigate properly in order to figure out the root cause. That’s why when you get symptoms of disease, you should first visit a Naturopath instead of a M.D.

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has done extensive work investigating products (and even tap water) of this nature in the Natural News Forensic Food Labs. Realize this: Having a lowered I.Q. can lead any person blindly into a world of hurt. As humans, we are capable of making intelligent decisions all day, every day, but the toxins we consume can severely dampen all of that. Don’t just shop “organic” and “local.” Shop smart. Also, measure your body’s pH (via saliva or urine) and get your heavy metal levels tested periodically, and don’t let Big Food or Big Pharma out-smart you. Get off your “acid” and become the healthiest person you know.

Learn more about heavy metal toxins in foods right now. Watch this video as the Health Ranger informs us.

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