Scientists look for natural alternatives to synthetic food preservatives

In the search for natural alternatives to synthetic antioxidants, a study published in the journal Food Science and Technology examined the potential of coconut oil cake as a source of antioxidants to stabilize foods. It was found that coconut oil cake can be used as a natural alternative to synthetic food preservatives.

  • Researchers from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka examined the phenolic extract of coconut oil cake for antioxidant activity-related food stabilization.
  • Oil cakes, also referred to as oil meals, are byproducts obtained after oil extraction from seeds.
  • In animal foods, these have been used in the fermentative production of enzymes, antibiotics, and some antioxidants.
  • The researchers measured the induction time of sunflower oil enriched with heat-treated antioxidants to determine the heat stabilities and synthetic antioxidants of coconut oil cake extract.
  • Results revealed that coconut oil cake extract can be effectively used to prevent lipid peroxidation in different food systems.
  • Coconut oil cake extract can also retain the antioxidant activity at high temperatures.
  • The results of these experiments indicate that coconut oil cake extract is a versatile and thermally-stable natural antioxidant mixture that is effective in stabilizing many food systems.

The findings of the study suggested that coconut oil cake extract may be used as a successful alternative for synthetic antioxidants in preserving food.

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Journal Reference:

Seneviratne KN, Prasadani WC, Jayawardena B.PHENOLIC EXTRACTS OF COCONUT OIL CAKE: A POTENTIAL ALTERNATIVE FOR SYNTHETIC ANTIOXIDANTS. Food Science and Technology. 29 August 2016; 36 (4),: 591-597. DOI: 10.1590/1678-457x.07316

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