Worse than animal feed: Even pigs won’t eat what’s found in many popular survival foods

Genetically modified corn has become an omniscient presence in the food industry, including in shelf-stable storable foods. Many people have aversions to GM corn and other GM ingredients for a variety of personal reasons, but this new bit of information may shock even those of us who abstain from consuming GM foods.

Even pigs won’t eat GM corn.

That’s right, pigs – known to eat just about anything – sometimes refuse to eat GM corn. Obviously, they can sense something about it that we can’t. Researchers have even tested this phenomenon on different animals, like squirrels, and found similar result across the animal kingdom.

Current estimates suggest that genetically modified corn has taken over 92 percent of all corn-growing ventures in the U.S. It’s difficult to stay away from GM corn, especially when you’re talking about prepackaged foodstuffs. And sadly, the survival food industry is no different.

After the Health Ranger’s independent lab, CWC Labs, gained its ISO 17025 certification – the highest level of international accreditation – he began to analyze a number of popular survival foods to see what was really in them. What Mike Adams discovered was downright appalling. Adams states, “I was shocked to discover that the brands being most heavily promoted on the internet — like WISE Foods and Mountain House — contained ingredients laced with pesticides, GMOs, hidden MSG, refined sugars and all sorts of other questionable ingredients.”

The Health Ranger says that nearly every brand of survival food is loaded with these toxic, undesirable ingredients.

Many of these ingredients are derived from GM corn, such as high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, corn syrup solids, modified corn starch, hydrolyzed corn and even corn protein. Just imagine what those ingredients look like before they’re processed into food-shaped items. Do you think any of it actually looks like food? Probably not.

That’s why the Health Ranger has joined forces with Numanna to create better, cleaner survival foods that are made with real ingredients. Adams says, “When I realized that the storable foods industry did not offer anything that I would dare eat, I decided to create my own line of delicious, nutritious meals using 95% organic ingredients and absolutely NO JUNK.”

Other products may contain things like GM corn or soy, artificial colorants, artificial flavorings, chemical preservatives and carrageenan. Some other unsavory things you might find in your favorite storable foods include yeast extracts, autolyzed yeast or hydrolyzed yeast – all terms the food industry uses to hide MSG. Hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils are also commonly found in storable items, even in trusted products like those made by WISE Foods, Honeyville or Legacy Premium Food Storage.

Traces of pesticides and herbicides, like glyphosate, can also frequently be found in many popular survival foodstuffs. But not the Numanna Organic Family Pack, which was co-formulated and lab-tested by the Health Ranger himself. This family pack is guaranteed to be free of all the worst ingredients, like GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals.

The Numanna Organic Family Pack is one of the most honest and wholesome lines of storable food available on the market – and it’s lab-validated for authenticity. Even your livestock and family pets will probably want some.






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